Dear Tom, We are continuing to monitor your site for signs of Buzz. You often seem close to achieving a "buzz breakthrough," but you have a number of self-defeating elements built into your program. You don't stick to one topic, you are frequently harsh in your opinions, the mix you are attempting of art world insider theorizing and political rants seems ill-conceived, your own art is inconsistent, your music occupies an uncomfortable ground between club tunes and art music, satisfying neither constituency, and your alternating tone of outraged moral seriousness and adolescent silliness is frankly just a turnoff. We'd like to help you along with your BQ (buzz quotient) but, frankly, we don't know what the f*k you're doing and we don't care.

Update: last year's "memo from the suits"

- tom moody 11-21-2006 7:18 pm

"plus your sense of humor. whats up wth that?"
- bill 11-21-2006 7:56 pm

- sally mckay 11-22-2006 2:40 am

MTV started doing buzz in what, the 80s? They thought Dave Matthews had buzz, for fuck's sake. Buzz is no longer buzzworthy.

That aside, I'd recommend more pastry recipes. It certainly helped my BQ rating.
- mark 11-22-2006 4:15 am

a lot of things go better with a buzz
- Thor Johnson 11-22-2006 5:02 am

aaahhhh hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
- marisa 11-22-2006 8:05 am

Dear Tom,

I don't know what the fuck you are doing either and I too don't care,
so if it ain't fixed don't broke it.
- Art Shirer (guest) 11-22-2006 8:25 pm

Hi, my name is Buzz, and I would like to contribute to signs of Buzz on your site by leaving a comment.

Coincidentally, I am a sign painter,and my company is in fact called "Signs of Buzz". If you would like to purchase one of my signs for your business or personal use, please contact me.


- Buzz (guest) 11-22-2006 8:48 pm

What disappointing news are you processing this time (besides Mark reminding us Dave Matthews had buzz -- eeesh)?
- j (guest) 11-23-2006 1:28 am

I'm processing the fact that I need more buzz.
- tom moody 11-23-2006 2:11 am

yuck - Dave Matthews
- Thor Johnson 11-23-2006 3:13 am

- doe this work (guest) 5-09-2013 8:12 am

Doe, a deer, a female deer...
- tom moody 5-09-2013 3:46 pm

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