OptiDisc - Miami

Aron Namenwirth of artMovingProjects, in the gallery's shipping container at the DiVa (Digital and Video Art) Fair this year in Miami. In the background is my DVD OptiDisc.

Update: The photo above is by Paddy Johnson, using Namenwirth's camera. Aron has posted more photos here.

- tom moody 12-14-2006 8:11 am

so Tom -- how did you like Miami?
- ed (guest) 12-14-2006 6:03 pm

Ha ha--I liked it fine after I saw this photo.
- tom moody 12-14-2006 6:23 pm

I'll put my container-sized animated GIF up against the Borg cube any day of the week.
- tom moody 12-14-2006 6:45 pm

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