vertexList gallery is having a benefit raffle tonight: photos of the donated artwork are posted on its blog. The event lasts from 7-10 pm; raffle starts at 8.30 pm; tickets are $200--details here. jenghizkhan (aka John Parker) will perform a couple of new music pieces live at 7:30 pm; other attractions include limited edition t-shirts by Eteam, limited edition pins by Sakurako Shimizu and a sign-up sheet to reserve a copy of vertexChips, a compilation CD in a micro-edition of 50 that will be released next week, featuring Covox, Bubblyfish, Role Model, Herbert Weixelbaum, Receptors, Bit Shifter, jengizkhan, Nullsleep, Treewave, David Kristian, Glomag, Huoratron, and yours truly.

Be there, aloha. It would be nice if New York landlords would support the art community here but that's not what they do--they raise rent so they can live like Lords and say FU to the rest of us!

Updated with new info about the CD.

- tom moody 12-14-2006 8:12 pm

hi there;
vertexChips discs will not arrive till monday morning:(

I will be playing the compilation during the benefit and folks
will be able to sign up to reserve a CD.
I am really excited about this, apologies about the delay..
Next time I'll start 3 months in advance.

The full list (in order) is:
Covox (Jag är på väg), Bubblyfish (Translucent), Role Model (ass,
porn, tits), Herbert Weixelbaum (gänsemarsch & zweierreihe), Receptors (I'm A Lazy Sidstation), Tom Moody (I Hate The Others), Bit Shifter (Particle Charge), jengizkhan (C'mon ma), Nullsleep (Ballistic Picnic), Treewave (May Banners), David Kristian (let k be a positive integer), Glomag (Furious Clubfoot), Huoratron (DISLOCATED-RMX).

- vertexlist (guest) 12-14-2006 8:56 pm

Updated the post, thanks. There are some weird characters in a couple of the titles--let me know if you want to fix them.
- tom moody 12-14-2006 9:11 pm

that's the way they write in Sweden:)
- vertexlist (guest) 12-14-2006 9:44 pm

i think, the guy's name is huoratron ...


- hw (guest) 12-22-2006 12:58 pm

Fixed, thanks!
- tom moody 12-22-2006 8:04 pm

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