John Parker Dec 2006

John Parker, solo performance on the Elektron Monomachine, at the vertexList benefit last night. His gig combined live improvisation with programmed sequences built up in the studio note by note. Manufactured by Swedish hacker types, the Monomachine is a sophisticated descendant of the old 8-bit chips (Elektron also made the Sidstation, using a Commodore 64 chip) and has a nasty edge of pure DSP (digital signal processing), which may explain Parker's popularity with the 8-Bit crowd in attendance last night. Also, his penchant for unexpected dark metal riffs popping up out of the sometimes atonal chaos of live sequencing and knob turning didn't hurt.

- tom moody 12-15-2006 11:37 pm

sh$$t, you put me on the same page as that other dude below.

- j (guest) 12-17-2006 9:19 pm

That was bugging me, too. I moved Mendelsohn's photo to the jump page along with Yul and Zoolander.
- tom moody 12-17-2006 9:35 pm

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