Cats and Bug

Artist unknown, found here.

- tom moody 12-19-2006 4:23 am

oh my god you made my day.
- sally mckay 12-19-2006 6:58 am

It was always my ambition
to write a poem about a kitten
with a reference to colour theorist
Johannes Itten

(posted by VB via SMK).
- sally mckay 12-19-2006 8:47 am

- L.M. 12-19-2006 8:49 am

Now they should eat it and cough it up in my bed, just like real life.
- j in jc (guest) 12-19-2006 4:49 pm

Cuteness OVERLOAD!!!
- Thor Johnson (guest) 12-19-2006 9:54 pm

That website is a really fabulous greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts collection. Dude's got a good eye.
- sally mckay 12-19-2006 10:33 pm

Agreed. I put up a couple more favorites here. I crack up at the facial expressions of the kids staring at the Mark Twain statue.

- tom moody 12-19-2006 10:38 pm

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