Commodity fantasy:

Samsung mp3 player

Purely hypothetically, this Samsung .mp3 player could be loaded with the 190-some songs I have produced in the last two years, turning it into a kind of artist music box. Owners could delete the songs they don't like, or just use the player for as much other material as they wanted to add to it. This would save me having to issue multiple CDs, or prioritize my work when I may not be the best judge of my own prolific output. Send me $200 plus S&H and the 2GB Moody Music Box is yours.

- tom moody 12-23-2006 11:19 pm

lol its like the special edition U2 ipod... it should come with engraved OptiDisc on the back
- guthrie (guest) 12-24-2006 10:24 am

Or, another idea I've been kicking around, here's a detail about the product I forgot to mention, from the promotional copy: "Enjoy a personalized picture slideshow as you listen. The 2GB K5 stores up to 20,000 JPEG photos, allowing you to carry 20,000 memories with you. Use your photos as your MP3 player's screensaver, beautifully framed on the OLED display in brilliant 128x160 pixel resolution."

Not GIFs, unfortunately, but for extra cash (like, a lot) I'd throw in my entire artist catalog raisonne at 128X160 with room to spare for other images.
- tom moody 12-24-2006 10:53 am

Let's start the open bidding, I have 200 do I have 250? Can I get 250, 250?, there's 250 in the back can I get 3? 300, 3, 300, 300 I have, 300 can I get 4, 400?
- jimlouis 12-26-2006 7:27 pm

jiml just ordered 400 of them. nice start tom. are they available in white?
- bill 12-26-2006 7:51 pm

Once I get the check for the 400 I'll see what else Samsung offers. One thing I noticed when researching this is, there are a heck of a lot of PC-friendly mp3 players on the market.

- tom moody 12-26-2006 7:57 pm

Yeah (check's in the mail) I've had good luck with the PC friendly players, I-river, I-bead, and Rio.
- jimlouis 12-26-2006 8:24 pm

I'd forgotten about this thread. I actually ended up buying one of these.
- jimlouis 7-17-2007 5:45 am

Did you like it?
When I went to look at the store model, they'd sold out.
- tom moody 7-17-2007 7:12 am

Yes, it is nice. I got the 4gb one. The speaker quality is surprisingly good. They are advertising models on Amazon as ultra-slim and I don't know if that is an upgrade or just new marketing. I would not say mine is what I would call ultra-slim so they might be new models. The 2gb models are selling for 99 dollars and for that price I highly recommend it.
- jimlouis 7-17-2007 3:39 pm

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