Scooter Kitty

"Let's go take another look at The Year in the Internet 2006!"

- tom moody 1-30-2007 3:19 am

Kitty #8. Best Kitty of 2006.
- L.M. 1-30-2007 3:30 am

That was one I grabbed, in a hurry, to round the collection out to 10, but I "like" it--kind of strange looking.
- tom moody 1-30-2007 3:57 am lover.
- jimlouis 1-30-2007 5:25 am

I knew this was coming.
The cats in these GIFs are stand-ins for people, so I guess I really just love...people.
- tom moody 1-30-2007 5:57 am

This could start a whole new genre of "Extreme Sports" videos.
- j in jc (guest) 1-30-2007 4:40 pm

google search "jackasses gif".
- bill 1-30-2007 4:51 pm
- j (guest) 2-05-2007 8:44 pm

"You will put the food in the bowl now."

hitler cat 819

- tom moody 2-05-2007 9:04 pm

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