1987 - Chris Burden's All the Submarines of the United States of America

Chris Burden submarines

2006 - Fiona Banner's Parade

Fiona Banner - Parade

Thanks to Sally McKay for making me aware of Banner's collection of modeled fighter aircraft from all over the world, which will be shown soon in Toronto. It's the latest in our ongoing "attack of the clones" series.

Updated re: installation schedule.

- tom moody 2-13-2007 2:53 pm

Actually it was Jennifer McMackon of simpleposie who brought up Banner on my blog. Fiona Banner is English. Her work is not in Toronto yet.
- sally mckay 2-13-2007 9:18 pm

Post corrected that it's not in Toronto yet.
I knew she was a YBA--it was in that context that I knew about her book THE NAM, which I mentioned on your page.
Jennifer posted a link, but I didn't look at till you posted the photo that immediately ka-chinged "Burden." I took this to be a sign of affirmation--sorry if it wasn't!
I know you didn't intend to set off criticism bombs, but the more I think of it this a perfect example of the redundancy of festival art. The need to fill up spaces with something handmade but spectacular, a big "concept piece." Doesn't matter that it's exactly the same thing every 20 years. Fiona Banner will not be shamed or embarrassed by this. The juggernaut of her career will roll on, as will Burden's.
If a critic points out the cloning, s/he will be met with "it's all good" rhetoric.

- tom moody 2-14-2007 12:54 am

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