Green Wall Molecule

studio view - early '90s

- tom moody 3-03-2007 8:33 pm

What was the impetus to put these forms up? Were you thinking about molecules? I'm guessing not, but was there some mundane concern that turned into this?
- e(formerly j) (guest) 3-04-2007 12:20 am

The idea came to me in an intuituve flash!
- tom moody 3-05-2007 11:39 pm

How brilliant. I thought you were trying to figure out an attack plan to go gallery walking in nyc.

PS What was wrong with the previous post.
- e (guest) 3-06-2007 5:12 am

Subway map/molecule/scientific instrument/animal/science fair diagram.
- tom moody 3-06-2007 7:16 pm

rooster with black tail dematerializes closet
- e (guest) 3-07-2007 2:06 am

Except the rooster's tail fans upwards--here the "fan" is downwards or on the "head."
- tom moody 3-07-2007 4:46 am

I later noticed four legs as well... But the door was dematerialized!
- e (guest) 3-07-2007 6:44 pm

The diagram/creature did not respect the grid.
- tom moody 3-07-2007 6:57 pm

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