David Moreno

Untitled, 2002; ink on paper; 12.75 x 9.25"
#6 of a suite of 6 (image from Feature Gallery website)

Never seen this piece in person. It might well work better as a web graphic than an object. "Graphic" meaning art, it should be added, but having a particular punch or "read" in the concise, compressed format of a web page. "Accidental enhancement" or "second-level improvement" should be added to the criteria art historians consider in evaluating work.

A breakthrough moment on this score occurred a few years ago when the Museum of Modern Art collected several of Van Gogh's "postman of Arles" paintings for a small group show. The museum couldn't get loans for all of them, so one was represented by a digital reproduction, mounted on a panel so it read like a painting. With its bright, saturated colors, crisp "sharpened" resolution, and excellent lighting, it stole the show--making the others appear dingy, old, and fussed-over.

- tom moody 3-05-2007 9:16 pm

Reminds me of Very Slow Scan Television

Enhanced Camille Pissaro

- drx (guest) 3-06-2007 1:18 am

Agreed. The former and the latter have been covered on this blog--I should do more self-reBlogging. I frequently forget my own previous posts.
- tom moody 3-06-2007 1:34 am

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