Interesting sounds/patterns/glitches by Mary Benedicto: Loops, Flowers, The Swarm, others... The music is in the Pole/Boards of Canada spectrum (albeit fragmentary) and the visuals are consistently psychedelic/oceanic but also cut up electronically so that you are not allowed to completely "sink into" them.

Also, thanks to Nasty Nets East for introducing me to Silicious (Kathleen Daniel), who rules YouTube with pleasantly deranged music and video of her own creation. The tunes are especially accomplished, melding classic R&B crooning, ESG-style electro-funk, Sun Ra tonal adventurousness, and garageband. (Check out Georg--that Giorgio Moroder bassline with the "la di da di/we like to party" chorus is to die for). I prefer the videos with free-floating Bryce or Poser characters to the obvious Photoshop filters, but it's all pretty great--Henry Darger-esque but with a heart and a conscience and healthy as opposed to brutal sexuality (and in 3D and 4D as opposed to 2D and 4D).

- tom moody 3-07-2007 8:13 pm

pupsintrouble aka Brian originally found "Shoe Freak" ... still wondering how!
- Travis (guest) 3-08-2007 12:36 am

"Shoe Freak" is good--it has some of the better 3D weirdness.
She's a great discovery. Probably not "meta" enough for the NY art world, more's the pity.
- tom moody 3-08-2007 1:17 am

Yay Mary Benedicto!!! She is a friend of mine in Dallas.
- Thor Johnson 3-08-2007 4:24 am

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