Brainwave Wave Etch A Sketch

Jacqueline Humbert, Brainwave Etch a Sketch, 1974. "One person's Alpha waves control the movement of a dot along the oscilloscope's X axis, while the other person's are responsible for movement along the Y axis. The resulting form of the drawing depends on the degree of cooperation, sensitivity and agility in consciously controlling brain signals that the two participants are able to achieve with each other." (Quote and photos from Biofeedback and the Arts, 1976, ed. by David Rosenboom)

- tom moody 3-11-2007 12:49 am

that is a lot like what they had on krypton at the mind-art center!

- martin (guest) 3-11-2007 7:33 am

They could make masterpieces with their minds but still hadn't abandoned the easel.
- tom moody 3-11-2007 7:37 am

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