From musician/popstar Thomas Dolby's blog. He recently attended the TED conference (Technology, Entertainment and Design) and lists this as a highlight:
-My Indian buffet lunch table today with Richard Branson, Peter Gabriel, Hans Rosling and Darryl Hannah (!) as they discussed how to get the world’s "Elders" into war situations to help resolve conflicts
Limousine liberals, e-e-ew. Surely we've learned from Iraq that there are no Elders, and the main beneficiaries of "getting us into war situations" are arms merchants, support for whom needs to be ratcheted down, not up. In fairness to Dolby, he possibly means negotiation, not troop involvement in foreign conflicts, but it's doubtful.

- tom moody 3-13-2007 6:38 pm

- Thor Johnson (guest) 3-13-2007 7:13 pm

I hope he means shipping rich, old, white men into combat. They'd shut the war down in a week or two. Related, Cleland asks Cheney, where (the fuck) were you during Vietnam?
- mark 3-13-2007 7:56 pm

Good for Max, but I was traumatized by CNN's four-part splitscreen war footage montage that was playing constantly behind him and Wolf. CNN needs deep tank therapy.
- tom moody 3-13-2007 8:11 pm

Those backdrops were deeply crappy. I've never understood the "stock footage loop" that plagues cable news. But they've taken it to a whole new level. Perhaps someone needs to take their video compositing toys away and make them do it the way Edward R. Murrow did it. I don't know if that would raise the level of journalism, but it couldn't hurt.
- mark 3-13-2007 8:17 pm

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