"Bonsoir Bonaire Variation" [mp3 removed]

Rescored "BB" for the "Exit Maurice" Sidstation patch (aka ChordMemry) with some filtering effects, for a slightly more rave-y feel. Kept the original electric piano plus the bare bones of the drums for this variation.

hypercube artist unknown

- tom moody 3-15-2007 1:18 am

chromatic minor chords - dont call it a comeback.
im liking all the sounds here, overall vibe is...i dunno...ken ishii on ketamine?
in the last few new ones your sounds/textures are getting more 'solid' or 'phat' or something, any reason for this?

- p.d. (guest) 3-15-2007 5:59 am

Thanks. If by comeback you're referring to my rave-y comment I just meant the texture of that particular patch sounded like something from that era--it may just be the minor chords.
As for the phatness, you shamed me with your phatter mixes so I'm experimenting with a fuller sound. It's mainly just trying out reverb, which I rarely used before (not having one I liked) and some other effects. It's probably just a phase--huh, get it, phase?
- tom moody 3-15-2007 7:48 am

Also - any recommendations on Ishii? I know "of" him but not the tunes. Jelly Tones and Innerelements seem to get mentioned.

I am a fan of Rei Harakami, who is possibly a peer or protege of Ishii's--but his music is prettier than anything I'm attempting.
- tom moody 3-15-2007 6:10 pm

i like his stuff on sublime better [grip lp], sounds more japanese...the r&s stuff [jelly tones, etc] is a bit more straight up techno bangers.
this was the single off jelly tones - "extra"

on a related note:
- p.d. (guest) 3-16-2007 1:27 am

Thanks for those. I will check out the music on Sublime.
- tom moody 3-17-2007 8:22 pm

Sweet. Nice to see the tesseract in it's true element - time.

I keep coming here and it still maintains it's edge. Cheers Tom.
- Jesse Bransford (guest) 3-20-2007 2:46 am

Thanks a lot, Jesse. I hope all is well!
- tom moody 3-20-2007 5:16 am

D'oh! I just realized that the animation is an ambiguous 2D representation that can be resolved into two different 3D sequences. It's trippy to follow the movement and flip the image between the two aspects.
- mark 3-20-2007 5:47 am

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