kymlinge apartments

This image from a stylish utopian architectural scheme proposed in Sweden comes via the VVork site. It reads like satire:
Kymlinge was a research and consultation project on new ways of developing towns in Sweden. We proposed a model of simulated organic growth, in part inspired by strategy and RPG games: We would start by installing low cost raw "industrial" spaces that would attract young people with the ikea energy to fix them up. This demographic would start-up a new area of Stockholm, creating at first a solution to the housing problem, and leading into the area gradually becoming a "cool" destination inside the city.
The planned community (assuming this isn't a hoax) is essentially just a Levittown, Reston VA or Disney Celebration for these imaginary loft-living hipsters. Note that the words industrial and cool are in scare quotes. The equation of Ikea consumption and a counterculture is very slippery: the assumption is that if you give an energetic young person a non-traditional, urban, loft space, creativity and a happenin' scene will follow, but you can't always make the prisoners dance in their cells.

The computer designs are intriguing in a Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt open cube variation sense. I had an earlier version of this post up relating them to musical scores (mine, but never mind). The project appeals more as art than as social policy, which seems unnecessarily Skinnerian and manipulative.

- tom moody 3-26-2007 8:35 pm

Didn't DIVA already try this?
- j in jc (guest) 3-27-2007 2:04 am

DIVA's problem seems to be more that the axiom "location location location" hasn't sunk in very deeply.
- tom moody 3-27-2007 2:42 am

Don't forget Poland Ave Maria.
- mark 3-27-2007 4:40 am

Thanks for that mark!

i'm now officially on the waiting list!

- j in jc (guest) 3-27-2007 5:49 am

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