I have a college chum teaching at Va Tech, just emailed him after many years to see if he's OK. I'm avoiding TV but guessing the shooter is dominating the news cycle. It's tragic beyond belief and difficult to comprehend how one person could be that alienated and furious. I guess it's inevitable that the Pres had to get involved with this, speechifying and what not. But it makes me sick seeing him in the news photos.

Update: My friend is OK.

Update 2: Firedoglake:
I remember during Columbine there were measures taken to assure that the gunmen's videos and writings didn't get released to the public, and that they did not become cult heros as a result of their actions. It seemed like a bit of decency amidst the mayhem. I really don't know what's to be gained journalistically by [MSNBC] broadcasting the killer's videos other than a ratings bonanza, but it seems quite ghoulish.

- tom moody 4-18-2007 4:36 am

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