Doc Ock


Top: Spider-Man vs Dr. Octopus, still from animation.
Bottom: Silver Surfer, a quick sketch from memory. (To see what he really looks like click here.) He came out more like the Human Torch mixed with Iceman (puddle-man?), and more Miyazaki graphic novel than Kirby comic (self-align with the greats? moi?) but I like the ecstatic quality. I can't remember if he shoots rays or not but he needed a beam. He could be more silvery but it's tedious to make the rounded reflections on this small a scale. I'm sure the inkers hated doing all that chrome back in the day. Another lonely Marvel character, fated to wander the Earth light-millennia from his destroyed home planet, and not to interfere with our affairs except to occasionally save us from his ex-boss Galactus.

Update: Doc Ock just added.

- tom moody 4-23-2007 2:26 am