doris norton

From the Mutant Sounds blog, two LPs by Doris Norton from the mid '80s, Personal Computer and Artificial Intelligence. The first is some pretty classic digital electro: brittle sounding, Italodisco-flavored synth tunes with lightning fast arpeggios, vocod-y vocals, and hard, Simmons "rhythm pad" style drum beats. What's not to like? At times it sounds like what's at the other end of the wormhole from 8-Bit tunes--like we never went through the intervening house and techno eras but just had 20 years of 8-Bit music. In other words, kind of a "so old it's new" sound. I prefer the grooves of Personal Computer to the crazy experimentalism of the second LP but both are interesting--another bit of cyberhistory clanks into place (cross posted to Nasty Nets).

- tom moody 4-23-2007 7:09 am

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