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Next month artMovingProjects gallery in Brooklyn exhibits my blog. I'm in the project space; Zoe Sheehan Saldana appears in the main gallery with "an edition of 96 tobacco seedlings (Nicotiana tabacum Burley) under indoor lights," per the press release. More:

For the first time a blog is shown in a gallery space. Tom Moody has been posting art, music, animation, art criticism, political commentary, and found internet art on his blog at http://www.digitalmediatree.com/tommoody/ since Feb 2001. For this exhibition artMovingProjects will present his blog as a performance work. During gallery hours a computer terminal in the project space will be dedicated to whatever Moody posts. A mouse and keyboard will also be supplied if viewers want to leave a comment. Anything can happen, and anything can be said. This is an experiment in total freedom.
Opening May 19. More as the date approaches.

- tom moody 4-23-2007 9:33 pm

"For the first time a blog is shown in a gallery space"

? lucia leao and also mark amerika have been doing this for a while now, at least since 2003, i'm sure others too.
- blahg (guest) 4-23-2007 11:41 pm

my blog was shown in a gallery recently and it frrreaked me out a bit, an open browser in a gallery.. never got to see it, and i cant really imagine what it was like..
- guthrie (guest) 4-23-2007 11:59 pm

Yeah, it needs to be done. Guthrie--word, somebody had good taste.
I expected everyone who ever signed up with Blogger to claim they had done this before me.
If it was an entire month long performance called Blog then I guess someone will have a "beef" with me. Should be fun.
- tom moody 4-24-2007 1:15 am

i like that this blog is an artwork in itself without ever really breaking the format of default first person blogness, unlike: blogroll.jodi.org/, or a lot of the stuff here: blog-art.blogspot.com, which i feel are doing something pretty diffferent (
- guthrie (guest) 4-24-2007 2:20 am

I see this performance as a lot like the cubicle group show I was in, where I sat in the cube and worked at the computer in my business casual attire: on the opening night, but also during "office hours"--in other words, every day the space was open I came in and worked. I had no net connection and was channeling "my working conditions circa '95" so I posted about it during non office hours. For BLOG I will also be working during gallery hours, but from home--the posting will be the work, not about the work. (Or both, if I'm feeling "meta.") I'm curious, Guthrie, what was the context of your blog in the gallery and how did you treat it?
- tom moody 4-24-2007 2:38 am

hmmmm.... I can't help but be immediately reminded of Arcangels "text piece sans links" and your comments on it. Have you considered where the similarities begin and end?

*these comments are in no way an attempt to flame or criticize you.
- roberthuffmann (guest) 4-24-2007 2:46 am

ohh, whoa -- so are you gonna do some hard core blogging that week, step it up a notch?

it was a group show called "thread" relating blogging and craft (woodstreetgalleries.org/past/thread.html). i had some sticker-based collages hung on the wall next to a computer with my blog on it.. & at the top of my blog were links to some PDFs of stickers you could print out and cut out (in the gallery), and stick on the wall. i dont think i posted anything during the show (and whoa, actually ive only posted once in the last three months...lame!!)
- guthrie (guest) 4-24-2007 3:15 am

You will need to check in with the blog Human Resources dept and explain this lapse. The thread piece sounds good--but the URLs had to be constantly visible and not pushed off the page as you updated. You could probably have done it just as well with a fixed web page. Not a criticism of you---maybe the curators a bit for indiscriminate use of the blog metaphor. [sentence revised after posting]

I'm going to be performing with changing content, graphics, etc. Not really any different from what I normally do but with an awareness of a specific, meat space audience, what will work on the gallery's screen, how to explain to a reader not physically in the gallery what I'm doing and why.

Also I will post any documentation the gallery sends me of how the blog screen appeared on a given day, whether or not anyone looked at it, etc. The gallery will also save each day's posts as documentation.

- tom moody 4-24-2007 4:02 am

how much is BLOG selling for?
- p.d. (guest) 4-24-2007 4:13 am

Good question. I will refer prospective buyers to the gallery.
- tom moody 4-24-2007 5:03 am

i'm happy to work out some super complicated per-sale pro-rata profit sharing scheme for contributors during the exhibition for you.
- p.d. (guest) 4-24-2007 5:53 am

Thanks, but no need--this'll be structured as a "classic" economic exchange. An agreed amount of funds for an editioned disc with the data for the show (html files for each day's posts plus associated files--images, etc.) and a certificate authenticating the work and the size of the edition.
- tom moody 4-24-2007 7:09 pm

So the Press Release has been out and It looks like no one has a legitimate claim to showing a Blog as art in the context of a gallery.
robert huffmann mentioned a piece of Cory's but did he make a sustained focus out of it?
- aron namenwirth (guest) 5-11-2007 9:06 pm

No, Cory's piece wasn't about showing a blog in a gallery at all. "Offline art show" is a text where Cory described things on the internet he liked without linking to them. The writing appeared on Cory's blog months after the show closed.
- tom moody 5-11-2007 9:12 pm

Not even close. -I am looking at your blog with the recent animations with the old power mac and it looks great , I just replaced the power source. Do you think we need to buy a faster processor? The problems with the praxis "love " quick time are not present, I will see how it looks compared to my faster notebook.
- aron namenwirth (guest) 5-11-2007 9:26 pm

no difference
- aron namenwirth (guest) 5-11-2007 9:29 pm

As long as the animations don't run slow, or page loads, or commenting, and as long as the internet connection is solid, etc. it should be fine. I just don't want people to have the typical "net art experience"--an explanatory placard next to a frozen screen.
- tom moody 5-11-2007 9:38 pm

This thread is closed due to spam but the blog in a gallery topic continues here.
- tom moody 5-21-2007 6:12 pm