Another for the XYZ Art list:

"Paul Pfeiffer's Live from Neverland video installation is divided into two separate videos: one soundlessly replaying footage of a televised statement in which Michael Jackson addressed the child-molestation allegations, and a second one featuring a chorus of 80 voices reciting Jackson’s monologue in the manner of a Greek chorus. The two videos are brought into further correspondence by means of a subtle re-syncing of Jackson’s facial gestures to match the spoken delivery of the chorus, down to every pause, inflection and nuance." (opening at The Project in NY on May 3)

File that one under "choir":

Choir sings NASDAQ average
Choir recites Jackson molestation monologue (or maybe that's ABC art--Jackson 5 joke)

- tom moody 4-25-2007 5:01 am

Deep House for Symphonic Band and CHOIR
- paul (guest) 4-25-2007 7:00 am

I'm sorry, you are disqualified for (a) not making us aware of some problem we already knew existed (b) lack of celebrities (c) puzzling use of grow lights and (d) good tune.
- tom moody 4-25-2007 8:22 am

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