"Labyrinth Remixed" [2.8 MB .mp3]

Shorter, digitally rearranged version of ex-Happy the Man keyboardist Kit Watkins' instrumental prog anthem "Labyrinth" (1981). Took what I consider the "essential riff" (four variations of the same tune, plus a bridge) and jettisoned all the classical dynamics, theatrics, and buildups as well as expressive soloing. Reordered the riffs and overlayed them to make new counterpoint, thus turning a progressive rock song into a techno-prog song--kind of sped-up Philip Glass, what I always wanted to hear when I played this. Some excellent "real time" keyboard and drumming being massaged here--but I am interested in the song's "money shot"--structures of the sublime in their most compact form.

- tom moody 4-26-2007 3:11 am

Reminds me of Goblin. Are you a Goblin fan?
- adrien (guest) 4-27-2007 2:15 am

Yes, they're great--also Claudio Simonetti's solo work for Argento (Tenebrae, Phenomena). Suspiria I love because it's just two themes--the tinkly Exorcist one and the one where they scream, bang on pots and play that twangy note over and over. I've had the Dawn of the Dead soundtrack on vinyl for years. Deep Red is also awesome--there's a bit I really like where Hemming is climbing some stairs and they play this slow blues number with a wack, repeating atonal organ theme.
I would never have connected Kit Watkins or Happy with that--but other tunes of theirs could be stripped down this way to make Goblin.
I was really disappointed to read an interview with Watkins in the 90s where he said he wasn't listening to any of the electronic dance scene music. I just don't understand how musicians can stop listening to what's around them. But then, he went more in an ambient or new age direction and I never gave that much of a try.
Phew, I had a lot to say.
- tom moody 4-27-2007 9:19 am

I manged to get some of these before the links went bad: mondomorricone.blogspot.com/
Will share "best of" soon...
- adrien (guest) 4-27-2007 8:02 pm

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