Travis Hallenbeck found this online "build-a-face" program that excels at making rather hideous visages, as he has demonstrated. No one can touch his the ones he found for sheer creative heeby jeeby inducing. Below were the results of (a) trying to make a "normal" face with the software and (b) trying to make a feminine face with tools clearly geared toward the butch (pattern baldness, rugged jawlines, beards, etc.) The bottom image (more unisex than feminine) still needed some post-capture pointillist surgery to soften the chin.



- tom moody 4-29-2007 1:33 am

I should have credited this page:

only thing I did was put them all in one image.
- Travis (guest) 4-30-2007 5:48 pm

I'm not sure if credited is the right word for those monstrosities--blamed? I changed the post to absolve you of all but finding responsibility.
- tom moody 4-30-2007 7:10 pm