Circle Gradient 3

- tom moody 5-20-2007 4:25 am

cool! did you make this animated gif in the gallery with peoplepatrons lookingwatching over your shoulders?
- charles (guest) 5-20-2007 4:57 am

The post was made from another computer, in the office. The GIF took many hours (prior to the show)--with these stacked circles if you mess up you have to start over, so it took much trial and error to get a somewhat graceful arc.
- tom moody 5-20-2007 9:23 pm

i did a little remix of this GIF which can be found here
i can't decide if i like it or not.
- charles westerman (guest) 5-25-2007 4:17 am

I like it a lot, thanks. The 55 x 55 version is good, too.
- tom moody 5-25-2007 4:23 am

oh cool!! i just did teledaisy.gif which i think was the first one in this style? anyway you can link to it here

yeah even when these GIFs are shrunk there just really great!
- charles westerman (guest) 5-25-2007 4:29 am

Thanks, I like them simplified like that. I will have to try that more.
- tom moody 5-25-2007 4:56 am

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