Hello to all at artMovingProjects today. This continues the series of remote posts to the "terminal" which are also simultaneously viewable on the larger Internet, as part of the performance work BLOG. Aside from routine schmoozing, much of my time at the opening last night was spent explaining (a) how blogs work, (b) how long I've been doing it (six years, three months), and (c) the purpose of showing the blog in the gallery when it could also be consumed at home. Please see earlier posts for writing on some of these issues.

- tom moody 5-20-2007 11:57 pm

Hi Tom,

Sorry I missed your opening, but I'm here now talking to Aron about your work. It looks great! Also, I'm glad it's displayed in the main gallery space.
- Paddy Johnson (guest) 5-21-2007 2:18 am

Hi, Paddy, OK, it's time for me to come out from behind that white box and admit I've been in here the whole time and BLOG is all manually done like the minus space "blog."
- tom moody 5-21-2007 2:22 am

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