Spread the Word Iraq Nam is a Kos diary tracking American troop deaths in Iraq while Bush stonewalls and Congress postures and dithers.
IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME I POST stories of the fallen now: I'm accused of being a 'spammer'.

My blog hosts at Blogger. They have algorithms to detect what they call 'spam blogs' -- those that have too many posts or posts that come in too rapid succession. And as I said, at my blog I post stories of the fallen -- the deaths, the remembrances, the memorials, the funerals.

I always post these at the end of the day, after the news and perspectives. Sometimes I've had up to thirty deaths, remembrances, funerals, etc. to post in a single evening. And so Blogger sees my numerous posts made in rapid succession, and thinks spam.

It then produces the dreaded 'word verification' requirement where it assembles a nonsensical sequence of letters in a graphic that has to be retyped in order to continue. I wouldn't mind so much except sometimes it reaches a point where it just locks me out of my blog altogether -- one time for 5 days.

I've developed ways to deal with it. So my problems with Blogger aren't the point -- this is: 15 dead since Friday, 75 so far this month, 104 last month. And where the deaths were one or two or three at a time now they come in sixes and sevens and eights and nines.

Five years into this insanity, and we are way beyond the point of 'mere' troop casualties.

We are literally spamming their deaths.

- tom moody 5-21-2007 9:37 pm

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