Petra Cortright - 10

"Yarnstripe" by Petra Cortright.

- tom moody 5-23-2007 6:43 pm

This is really beautiful. Is there any clue into how this was made by the artist?
- --E (guest) 5-25-2007 3:07 am

i would like to know that too. If you haven't checked out the rest of her website you should, there's a whole bunch of neat works and the setup/organization is really cool!!
- charles westerman (guest) 5-25-2007 4:41 am

Judging from the gradations in the lower left quadrant I'm guessing it started as a photo (of a cat or a face?) and parts of it got more simplified. Beyond that we will have to hope Petra stops by gives us some behind the scenes info.
- tom moody 5-25-2007 4:51 am

i was doing these drawings in 2004-2005 - they are simply
"paintings" using the pencil tool in photoshop and usually zoomed in 1200 - 1600 percent. they were sort of obsessive exercises with color... i was working on a couple at a time because of how tedious they are to make pixel by pixel and i would often get sick of working on one so i would move to another. hope that takes away some of the mystique!
:) :) :) :) :)
- petra (guest) 5-28-2007 3:13 pm

Pixel by pixel--yeah! That only adds to the mystique because every pixel was a decision. Good choices.
- tom moody 5-28-2007 8:42 pm

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