BLOG May 26 2007

BLOG, artMovingProjects, Brooklyn, NY. Installation of this blog in project space as seen on May 26, 2007. Thanks to the gallery for sending this photo--I was hoping to get it up while the space was still officially open so we could have a shot of BLOG on BLOG during BLOG. Oh, well there's always tomorrow. "Insanely self-referential" seems like the logical way to treat this project. Kind of the worst nightmare of people who say blogging is all about ego.

- tom moody 5-27-2007 2:16 am

eurasia is the unicorn of continents

- katherine (guest) 5-29-2007 3:42 am

Thank you for your participation in this project.
- tom moody 5-29-2007 4:11 am

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