In the comments to her blog Paddy and I have been discussing a post about a Jerry Saltz review of Walid Raad a while back.

Paddy thinks that might have been one-upmanship, but of who? The point of exposing Jerry's "money graf" was so you could read what he said about Raad without all the BS around it.

Raad has been questioned here before.

- tom moody 5-27-2007 10:02 pm

hey this is interesting, could you post the parts you cut out maybe a juxtaposition of the parts saved and cut. I'm having a little bit of a hard time following this but I remember that when I first saw a Donald Judd script i loved it i think the first bit of his i saw was a letter to the editor of something that said very simply that "so and so didn't speak for me" or something to that affect. I thought that was great, and hey what is your opinion on Ad i had a copy of his collected writings out last year and was really digging it I've been meaning to get it out again. I wonder if Guthrie is reading Ad because his Timline
is def in the same vein as Ads chronology/timeline or whatever he called it, it's a trip have you read it?
- charles westerman (guest) 5-28-2007 5:33 am

I added a link to the Saltz review.
- tom moody 5-28-2007 6:05 am

great, thanks!
- charles westerman (guest) 5-28-2007 6:09 am

Raad summons the plaintive spirit of heartache which I think is really cool so go check out his show. ~R.mutt
- charles westerman (guest) 5-28-2007 6:14 am

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