"Greater Powerz" [mp3 removed]

Something for the headphones in the BLOG installation. The rhythms were worked out last July and published as "808 Straight." Decided it needed tunes so I added those.

- tom moody 5-27-2007 10:35 pm

"Some dancefloor-type beats. A mix of hardware and software instruments, analog and digital, but entirely electronic: every sound originated as a voltage."

this above bit grabed from your music blog. I haven't done any kind of exhaustive search in order to find out what hardware or software your using to create your music, just wondering if you had posted this info somewhere? if so maybe you can save me some trouble and link me upto it if not maybe you could let me no what hardware/software your using and maybe some thoughts on particular intentions that would be cool, anyway keep on rocking!
- charles westerman (guest) 5-28-2007 5:20 am

Every song is a different configuration so there's no master list.
Most of them are written in Cubase SE using various softsynths and some outboard gear such as (on this one) the Vermona drm mkii (an analog drum machine), and the Mutator (a hardware filter).
Intentions: melodic minimal techno.
- tom moody 5-28-2007 6:15 am

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