Highly recommended if you can scarf it up:

Sun Ra and his Arkestra
Disco 3000
Saturn CMIJ 78
Saturn Gemini CMIJ 78

Side A:
Disco 3000 (incl. Space is the Place) (Ra)

Side B:
Third Planet (Ra)
Friendly Galaxy (Ra)
Dance of the Cosmo-Aliens (Ra)

Ra--p, org, Crumar Mainman drum box, etc; Michael Ray--tp, voc; John Gilmore--ts, voc; Luqman Ali--d, voc. Italy, 1/78. Side B live. [Stahl and rlc]

A review found online by Paul C.:

Recorded in Italy in 1978 DISCO 3000 stands apart by being a quartet record as well as being from a brief period when Sun Ra was noodling [please, this is not noodling] with the Crumar Mainman keyboard. Playing organ and Moog along with the Mainman's rickey-tickey pre-programmed beats [please, this is not rickey-tickey], DISCO 3000 has a sound unique in the Sun Ra catalog (not counting the equally rare contemporaneous releases MEDIA DREAM & SOUND MIRROR). With the Arkestra stripped down to just Ra, John Gilmore on sax, Michael Ray on electronically manipulated trumpet and drummer Luqman Ali DISCO 3000 gives the listener an excellent chance to hear some of these important sidemen step to the forefront and shine. This impossibly rare release from the Saturn catalog has just recently been resurrected in a small deluxe vinyl pressing from the Italian label Art Yard.

"Dance of the Cosmo-Aliens" is very Can-like--stunning.

- tom moody 5-31-2007 4:39 am

Angered by the lameness and repetitiveness of what passes for "music stations" on me telly, I have created my own music station called the Acid Jazz channel. It features Sun Ra and many other cool artists. The Sun Ra session from Night Music is really really impressive. Sure, a spacey tune like "Retrospect" is the man's bread and butter but who knew that the band could do doo wop? Amazing.

Links here (at top of page)

and in widescreen here.

- Philip Shropshire (guest) 6-02-2007 12:44 am

i love streaming internet radio. thanks will check it out.
- bill 6-02-2007 1:04 am

Actually, these are about 601 streaming videos. It relies on new software out of Hungary. It means you can create your own television stations...

Philip Shropshire

- anonymous (guest) 6-02-2007 1:44 am

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