Am currently in Charlottesville, VA, attending an anniversary event for the college radio station WTJU, where I DJ'd for several years and enjoyed a couple of bracing years of administrative responsibility (as program director). 'TJU is much like WFMU in NY*, a free form format with knowledgeable volunteers as jocks. When I was in school it was entirely student run and thus a creatively fertile chaos, but it has since hired a station manager who miraculously is not a micromanager and lets the volunteers continue to shape the content. Charlottesville is beautiful but barely recognizable from my student days for all the growth. It has been touted as a perfect city so of course everyone wants to move there.

*metropolitan area

- tom moody 6-02-2007 7:26 pm


- bill 6-02-2007 8:13 pm

WFMU in the New York metropolitan area.
- tom moody 6-02-2007 9:23 pm

great to catch up with you at the WTJU reunion and to learn of your continued creative explorations. check out
- will kerner (guest) 6-03-2007 8:54 am

Thanks, Will. Best of luck with the festival. It was great seeing you this weekend!
- tom moody 6-04-2007 1:48 am

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