natl museum american indian papoose

natl museum american indian exterior

Belatedly posting my tourist photos from the National Museum of the American Indian on the Mall in DC. Forgot to bring the USB cable for my camera when posting from the road--this was almost like getting snapshots from the drugstore after the trip. That's beadwork in the top picture--I love the calmness and focus of the pattern. Below is the sci fi ceiling of the space-hogging but dramatic atrium. The outside is kind of spacy too but it's adobe-oid so it's not too anomalous. One supposes the atrium mimics an igloo but its lines are predominantly modernist. [Friends, family in DC please don't be mad if I didn't reach you--this was a brief stopover on the way down to Charlottesville for my college radio station reunion.]

Update: We're discussing the premises of the museum here.

natl museum american indian atrium

- tom moody 6-05-2007 7:07 am

kule cant wait to take my boy......gotta get to the lower nyc one first though
- Skinny 6-05-2007 4:34 pm

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