big party

artists unknown

- tom moody 6-16-2007 8:50 pm




- charles westerman (guest) 6-17-2007 2:51 am

Where do you find these things? Is there a site for artistic gifs because I can't find it...

Philip Shropshire

- Philip Shropshire (guest) 6-17-2007 7:57 pm

I save a good one wherever I see it, but journalpics(dot)net is a good source. It's gotten a lot more pr0ny and sadistic in recent months so surf at your risk.
- tom moody 6-17-2007 8:33 pm

Just want to say the first one is stunning.
And the third one comes from an indian movie called Gumnaam.

Here's the clip.
It's at 3:27, specifically.
- lesser mook (guest) 10-03-2008 4:32 am

Thanks, that clip is a popular animated GIF in its own right:

The drawn version has certain charming ineptness. I just realized what I took for an unintentionally dislocating jaw was actually waving hair.
- tom moody 10-03-2008 4:44 am

I remembered that song from Ghost World--Enid is watching it at the beginning.
- tom moody 10-03-2008 4:56 am

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