Szafranski montmartre

David Szafranski, installation view from a recent show in Montmartre, Paris, with Trish Nickell.

Click on image for larger view. Szafranki's allover, iterative ideas and feeling for pattern excel, and he also knows his way around the materiality of painting--how to use surface accidents proactively, etc. The work is confident but unpretentious, employing glue, spraypaint, and the flocking-like substance normally used to denote grass on architectural models (the dark parts of these).

- tom moody 6-17-2007 7:00 am

what's happening with the canvases in the corner?
- charles westerman (guest) 6-17-2007 7:56 am

and the table with light in lower left?
- steve 6-17-2007 2:45 pm

I believe this is an art world phenomenon known as "makeshift space in Montmartre."
I kind of like the vibe, myself.
- tom moody 6-17-2007 6:55 pm

An offline commenter liked the lighting, analogizing it to a microscope selectively illuminating slides in a lab.

Also, from past conversations with the artist I'm guessing the stack is a deliberate provocation. We have often talked about the psychology of a studio visit and how people (especially collectors) assume that your best work is not what you're showing them but something out of sight, in a stack somewhere, that they will "discover." The fact that it's the first thing commented on here demonstrates the particular aura of the "mysterious stack."

The installation has the vibe of a makeshift gallery, as I mentioned, but also these other interesting things going on.
- tom moody 6-19-2007 6:58 am

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