War Nerd:
What cracked me up is the way [neocon apologist Victor Davis] Hanson uses the spike in oil prices to prove we meant well: "What did these rare Americans not fight for? Oil, for one thing. The price skyrocketed after they went in."

Now that's real underclassman-level logic: if we didn't manage to grab Iraq's oil fields, then we must never have wanted to.

Applying that to the Hitler example, Vic's take on the Eastern Front would be, "What was Operation Barbarossa not designed to do? Conquer Russia, for one thing. By 1945, Germany had actually lost massive chunks of territory, so clearly a land-grab was the last thing on Hitler's mind."
link not meant to endorse every excess of the Nerd's unPC writing, but his frankness is refreshing.

- tom moody 6-17-2007 8:24 pm

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