BruceB reconsiders the Niven & Pournelle science fiction novel The Mote in God's Eye in light of the "9/12 mentality" of Glenn Reynolds and other techno-class warmongers: "What most troubles me now is the glibness of it, the emphasis on the cleverness of the humans who see through the Motie deceptions, since this looms even larger than the courage of some humans who must die for the sake of plot developments. And itís completely callous about the wisdom and morality of just standing by and watching an entire society collapse into barbarism - since itís not the full-blown genocide some authorities had thought be necessary, itís an improvement, and it seems like since itís not genocide, itís A-OK. Other peopleís stuff is there to be exciting and interesting props, but it and its owners can be shoved around and broken up as need be, and what really matters (as presented in Mote) is the coolness of the humans whoíll do the pushing and breaking."

- tom moody 6-18-2007 5:39 pm

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