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Stephen Hendee, The Eye, New Britain Museum, New Britain, CT, USA, 2005

points of comparison to the Nathaniel Stern work in the previous post:

-specifically evokes "wireframe" computer model (or "invokes" in the case of Stern, who uses the word in his title)
-reproduces wireframe outlines as an actual object
-"problematizes" computer drawing with surrealist invention, deformation
-use of materials such as tape and foamcor (Hendee) and rope (Stern) suggests folk-like or cargo-cult-like reification or fetishization of high technology
-inverts the idea of a computer as effortless and airy through the conspicuous employment of hand labor

- tom moody 6-20-2007 7:49 pm

when i was a kid and it was bedtime but i wasn't tired, i used to put myself to sleep by thinking of buildings i'd seen and then imagining them in my head as 3d wireframes and then doing cool fly-throughs...fly all through the wireframe in my minds eye, up and down corridors and elevator shafts.
i try it once in a while now but i'm not very good at it anymore - the rendering takes too long (no patience, it seems). dunno why im mentioning this but anyway there we are.

- p.d. (guest) 6-20-2007 8:59 pm

Thanks for the Hendee link, this stuff is pretty wonderful.
- L.M. 6-20-2007 9:07 pm

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