Belatedly discovered, an electronic music site specializing in, um, bleepy dance music of recent vintage (and some classics). The mp3s cost money, but I'd pay a little for decent quality DRM-free mp3s of such things I've been looking for (or just came across on their site) as: A Guy Called Gerald's Black Secret Technology, miscellaneous early Black Dog, previously unreleased Swayzak tracks, Elektroids Elektroworld, CiM CDs I don't have, and Lab Rat XL (a Drexciya alias). The site is all about labels, which I don't really get at this point--with no CD printing or promotional costs, why is another middleman between musician and the public necessary?

- tom moody 6-28-2007 3:15 am

I think at that point labels just become curators / editors. I am enjoying bleep quite a bit as well, although I think that they just increased their prices(?). Ah, inflation.
- JonBro (guest) 6-28-2007 7:58 pm

Hi, JonBro,
I guess they're letting Apple set the market.
More sites are needed to merge that curatorial/editorial impulse with a good online store like Bleep has. I wish the interface was a little larger but it's easy to search and preview stuff. The clickable wave file that allows you to preview an entire track is nice.
- tom moody 6-29-2007 6:11 am

there is actually a tricky way to get access to the entire mp3 of the preview. If you install firebug for fire fox, and go to the "net" tab, you can see the link to the mp3 (it might be labeled as php or something like that). I was thinking about doing a mixtape of just those preview mp3s at some point.
- JonBro (guest) 6-30-2007 9:19 am

If that mp3 is the same quality as the ones they're selling that seems like a pretty big security hole. Let me know if you do your mix, I'd like to hear it!
- tom moody 6-30-2007 9:54 am

yah, it seems that it is quite a bit lower quality, giving it a "taped off the radio" kinda feel to it.
- JonBro (guest) 7-01-2007 12:59 am

Ah, thanks for the info, shows how carefully I listened.
- tom moody 7-01-2007 8:30 pm

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