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Details of photos from the blog Anaba a while back--the subject is an "outsider artist" mural done in the employee break room of a chain grocery store in upstate NY, depicting the history and future of life on Earth. (It took me two years to figure out how to enlarge and save flickr photos--duh.) My earlier post on this is here. Great use of color, as L.M. noted. Very anime-like. Regarding the third photo down, it's hard to imagine that an intelligence will rise 200,000,000 years hence to rival the one that put Kraft Crumbelievable and Ocean Spray high fructose in schools.

Update: the comments have an etymology of the vampire bats eating a whatsit image at the top. Demanding a clear chain of attribution from the first vampire bat to the last break room, the commenter asks why I didn't give the mural artist's name. Here's what I wrote two years ago:
It's beautiful work, but I'll let Anaba tell you its location and the name of the creator. I know we all fantasize about fame and fortune allowing people to quit their day jobs, but employers aren't Medicis (at least for very long). Projects like this usually exist only in the tiniest cracks of the ownership society. So why am I blabbing? Probably the same reason Anaba is: I want you to see those human-sized vampire bats eating that wolf-lizard, and the scrofulous Lovecraftian obscenity on the right engulfing that forest of fleshy pseudopods, which could be prescient glimpses of the future of life on Earth, or a stark allegory of present day emotions. (Not mine, of course!)

- tom moody 7-07-2007 8:33 pm

The creatures in the top image are 'night stalkers', copied from Dougal Dixon's After Man, which is a speculative future history of evolution millions of years hence. I don't have the book handy to see if the whole image is a copy.

And why not credit the artist's name? Brian Baker made these - It's clearly shown in Anaba's post.
- fake is the new real (guest) 7-07-2007 8:59 pm

Thanks for the etymology. But who copied from who? Which came first, the snatch bat or the night stalker? As for why I didn't "out" the grocery store employee image plunderer/repainter, you must not have read the previous post I did on the Anaba photos, which I linked to. That's OK-- I'll update and repeat my reasoning.
- tom moody 7-07-2007 9:11 pm

there's a good show in dc i think you would like
- charles westerman (guest) 7-08-2007 2:28 am

Ok, I was about to say, I swear I saw the bats in the first picture in a book that I once found at the library when I was much younger. It freaked me out but was the one of the first times I considered an alternate/future Earth.
- Travis (guest) 7-09-2007 1:25 pm