These are front and back scans of the CD cover for Scratch Ambulance, a music collaboration between John Parker (under his earcon alias) and me. The release has been "pressed" and in the next few weeks will be offered on iTunes and wherever fine alterna-CDs are sold. I designed the cover and John mastered the tunes. I'm happy with how it turned out. As the front cover explains, these are John's remixes of tunes I wrote on my old Mac SE from the late '80s until it died a few years ago. It is instrumental electro, a mix of old and new sounds, but more a present day artifact than a paean to the '80s. The idea was to preserve what was worth preserving from what we call "ancient digital signal processing" and composing software written circa 1984. The original music isn't archivally respected but rather sampled and used as mashup material, with many of the original melodies and harmonies still lingering. Also the files were passed back and forth on the Net so both of us are adding current material to the mixes.

cd front cover 580 scan

cd back cover 580 scan

- tom moody 7-09-2007 9:56 pm

Yes, Lament for a Treefrog! ... this looks really good.
- Travis (guest) 7-10-2007 5:28 am

Thanks, Travis. I can probably snag you a "promo."
- tom moody 7-10-2007 6:04 am

And thanks for the shout on
- tom moody 7-11-2007 9:41 am

Comment from fellow Digital Media Tree-er deleted. We have discussed it off-line, inconclusively.
- tom moody 7-16-2007 9:19 pm