machines sketch

- tom moody 7-09-2007 10:52 pm

Who made who, who made you?
Who made who, ain't nobody told you?
Who made who, who made you?
- j in ac dc (guest) 7-11-2007 4:08 am

Thank you commenting on this drawing.

- tom moody 7-11-2007 9:34 am

it actually gave me a nightmare last night.

i was in the room where the one getting busted is (the dark one) and the door was closed, and the other one was coming to get me. it had phantasm-like killer orbs, but in different shapes - a square, a triangle, and ye olde orb which had different killing features (which is a great idea. you listening, Phantasm 6?)

i'd like to see this ms-paintified paper modularized and blowd the bleep up!

- j in jc (guest) 7-12-2007 12:10 am

It does have this weird "the reaper has arrived" quality. Phantasm 6 indeed (the balls are back).
It probably won't go beyond the sketch phase, though--the scan is better than the drawing, I have to confess. I'm glad the mood was catching (sorry about the bad dream.)
- tom moody 7-12-2007 4:05 am