You might have noticed the CBS News story "McCain Backs Bush's Iraq Strategy" on the blogroll to the left for several months now (or maybe not--well, it's been there). Lots of other people linked to the story, too, and now it shows up in the top 10 Google searches if anyone is looking for information about Mr. Flak Vest in the Baghdad Market (aka Mr. Bomb Bomb Iran). It looks like his presidential campaign is tanking with the announcement this week of huge staff departures (yay!) so some blogroll space will now be devoted to another overrated individual aspiring to be the leader of the free world, with the inclusion of the following three articles:
Rudy Giuliani was kicked off the Iraq Study Group because he never showed up for meetings.

Rudy Giuliani was the only candidate not invited to speak to the firefighters' presidential forum.

Rudy Giuliani: worse than Bush. (Matt Taibbi article headline in Rolling Stone)
If the thought of Giuliani as president makes you queasy and you have a blog or links page, you might consider getting the word out by pointing to these mainstream media stories, with the link around the words "Rudy Giuliani."

See also: this Firefighters Union video about "Rudy Giuliani: Urban Legend"--it mentions Giuliani's foolishness in locating his mayoral "Command Center" in WTC 7--destroyed on 9/11/01 and forcing him to go operate out in the street (while running away from the danger).

Update: Just noticed an extra "i" in Giuliani in some of the links--duh--fixed now.

Update 2: And here is a review of Wayne Barrett's & Dan Collins' book on the Giuliani myth, Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11.

- tom moody 7-14-2007 1:59 am

better to focus on the mormonger, unless you think his campaign will fizzle on its own...
- anonymous (guest) 7-15-2007 11:29 am

Romney is popular in NH and could emerge as the empty suit candidate, but Rudy is still scarier to me because of the widespread impression that he is a "reasonable guy" and a "hero."
- tom moody 7-15-2007 6:54 pm