painting by Cynthia Hurley (hat tip mm)

At I just put up some new music, and a post about the '60s beatnik TV horror show host Ghoulardi. It's kind of an experiment, to work with a different format and post items without comments.

Update: More posts have since been added.

- tom moody 7-16-2007 8:30 pm

I'm going to watch FROGS on Wednesday.

I'll let you know how it goes.
- joester 7-17-2007 6:03 am

hi tom--i miss the discussions on your site. it's kind of a bummer they're gone.
- bxk (guest) 7-20-2007 4:57 am

Sorry about that, bxk--the threads are still open here (unless they're closed due to spam).
I have a lot of music ideas I want to try out and it's better for me to have "comments closed" than "0 comments"--it's just too depressing.
Also, this blog gets so many hits that my log can't even track them--it just freezes. My email inbox is filling up with entreaties to see many terrible shows. Time to disappear, or start over at another URL, or something.
I appreciate the time and thought you put into commenting here. I'm not making any self-important Billmon-like announcement about my future intentions. I don't really know what they are, except to follow the pleasure principle when I'm not earning $$$ to live on.
- tom moody 7-20-2007 7:53 am

< delurk > Your page is on my daily read list. The mix of sounds, images, politics is unique.

BTW, Hoedown is teh awsome.< /delurk >
- mark 7-21-2007 7:19 pm

Thanks, Mark. When I was in college a couple of my friends (brothers) amused us at parties by doing "Jed Clampett dances." Ebsen had this weird high stepping, slightly fucked up way of dancing that you see occasionally on TBH. I figured in '07 "There's gotta be a YouTube of that" and sure enough--it was the raw material for my own HMV (Hillbilly music video).
- tom moody 7-21-2007 8:05 pm

A previous comment of mine was more rancorous than I intended. I'm generally happy to get email about shows. What bugs me is the art spam that goes out to every perceived writer and the missives from public relations personnel who have obviously never looked at my page but start their pitch with "love your blog."
I have one guy who sends me automated emails asking me to subscribe to his newsletter and then sends personal follow up emails inquiring why I didn't reply to the automated email.

- tom moody 7-23-2007 6:11 am

does this mean that you're not gonna put up the rest of those american mammal paintings?
- p.d. (guest) 7-25-2007 9:12 pm

Hi, p.d. Thanks for the reminder. I will put them up at but I have no set schedule so please check back occasionally. Also all my "archive blogs" are here at the Tree and are active. Some of the previous mammals are here.
- tom moody 7-25-2007 9:19 pm

nice. the barn is sweet, but the galvanized utility building ls great.
- mark 7-27-2007 1:09 pm

So, instead of pulling a billmon you're pulling a vvork?


(looks at site)


aw, no comments from us on the .us. but no vvork, either.
- OtherMichael (guest) 7-27-2007 11:55 pm

Right, at Vvork the authors don't devote whole posts to griping about computer hardware problems they're having.

Also VVork has a comments feature but it is rarely used.
- tom moody 7-28-2007 2:27 am

Nice Salon letter.
- mark 7-28-2007 9:46 am

Thanks. It just blurted out--I was surprised that anyone still misunderestimates Bush's Midland roots.
- tom moody 7-28-2007 11:23 am

I sort of understand the uppercrust Houston milieu. My parents didn't live in the same sort of neighborhood as the Bush's until was long gone from the state. That was a nice snapshot of Midland, which I've never even passed through.
- mark 7-29-2007 9:52 am