Blogging, phase 2.1

Please come visit me at my new blog home at As of this month, I will no longer be posting new content to Comments are still open here (unless closed due to spam).

The newsreader feed for the new blog is this rss address. Or this one.

The blog you are reading commenced Feb 2001 and culminated, more or less, with BLOG, the exhibition, where it was shown in a gallery as a performance work. That exhibition ended last month, so the past few weeks' posts have been "transitional."

I am keeping all my Digital Media Tree pages online and will be updating many of them (resume, archives, etc)--this is a friendly transition and I look forward to continuing to work with the Tree.

The new blog does not currently have a comment feature enabled but that could change as I adapt to my new environment. Comments have been an important of the current blog and I'll be discussing that more at the new turf.

A parting plug: please check out the CD I just released with earcon (John Parker) at CD Baby, titled Scratch Ambulance. We're really proud of it and think you might enjoy it.

Update, 2013: I hid comments on this blog due to the steady drip of link spam. They were quite active from 2001-2007, trust me, and have all been archived. I may turn them back on periodically to settle an argument about what went down in these dynamic years of the utopian blogosphere. --TM

Update, 2021: CDBaby bit the dust (abandoning all its artists) so I removed that link. Scratch Ambulance is available from many fine mp3-mongers.

- tom moody 7-29-2007 9:04 pm

why are you moving (if you dont mind me asking)?
- guthrie (guest) 7-30-2007 12:33 am

I've been wanting to move to my own domain for a while, and the conclusion of BLOG, the exhibition, felt like the right time to make a change. I see it as a positive, growth step. I hope people will check it out. The new, default template is pretty austere but there are things I like about it and it may change, too, as I settle in.
- tom moody 7-30-2007 1:08 am

Goodbye lovely little blog ... /._.\
- drx (guest) 7-31-2007 11:36 am

wow. End of an era! Best wishes for the new one.
- sally mckay 8-03-2007 6:21 pm

hi there, best there...
classic mode, hmmm...
I think you'll make some changes.
personally I don't think 'comments off' does much, people lurk...
I know the general trend is in the anointment of our new found blog heros, mesured by the amount of responses and clicks but in reality doesn't a couple of good plastic toys work better, in reflection, on the sill, as we look out...
anyway, I'll switch links

- brent (guest) 8-04-2007 5:22 am

Thanks, y'all. All of you made a contribution and you will be featured in BLOG, the book. Right now it exists as several feet of front and back printed xerox paper contaning every post and comment. As soon as the last month is printed I plan to photograph the stack just to show it exists.
- tom moody 8-05-2007 12:43 am

Thanks Tom, it was always awesome and informative. The new one is great too.
- Thor Johnson (guest) 8-08-2007 11:10 pm

Well, the spammers found this thread so I'm closing it. Please email with news or non-chops-busting feedback.
- tom moody 8-23-2007 1:10 am