Two plays by Nora Breen debuted at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg last night. Both were off-Broadway-calibre productions, and very funny. In the first (a one-act), two obsessive/compulsives meet in a shrink's waiting room. He's a neat-freak who straightens everything in sight; she has a thing about germs. They flirt, they fight, she unstraightens, he touches--it's David and Lisa played for laughs. In the second play (a reading only), a woman comes to stay at her sister's apartment for a week to avoid her mother-in-law, convinced that the prim-and-proper old lady is trying to kill her. The sister with the apartment thinks the sister with the in-law has parent issues, but it turns out they both do: the question is, did or didn't their father strangle the family dog?

- tom moody 5-18-2001 6:06 pm

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