"The exhibition 'Compression' (Feigen Contemporary, December 2 - January 12), curated by Tim Griffin, a founding editor of artbyte magazine (and currently art editor for Time Out New York), attempts to link the art and cyber-discourses by asking: 'What kinds of depicted space do we encounter when digital materials enter the picture?' Even with the collapse of the dot-com economy, this is a timely inquiry, since our living environments, work habits, and media views of reality continue to be shaped by software engineers, and artists are well-equipped by training and temperament to look over their shoulders and ask--from a conceptual and design standpoint--exactly what the hell they're doing. Although Griffin included a range of high-, low-, and no-tech work that purportedly addressed the question, unfortunately too many of the pieces required theoretical uploads (from his exhibition essay) to be relevant."

--from my review of "Compression" (featuring Asymptote Architecture, Jeremy Blake, Stephen Hendee, Diti Almog, Susan Goldman, Michelle Grabner, and Dike Blair), in Art Papers, May/June 2001. For full text, click here.

- tom moody 5-24-2001 7:32 pm

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