The image below is from a series of "rave video stills," which I've been photographing off the television, developing at a moto-photo place, scanning, and printing on archival photo paper. The idea is to freeze the flow of a video that is in constant morphing motion, using the pause, advance frame, and reverse frame buttons on the VCR to nail the most intriguing still image. Is it art? appropriation? curating? stupidity? All of the above, I think.

- tom moody 6-01-2001 10:33 pm

When I see the images in a group: I think of physics / 3-d microscopic photography / the shapes that organisms can take, which is a fairly miraculous achievement on your part given the media. I think the imagery you gravitated toward is very interesting--the installation overview looks like an organic, technological kaleidoscope. As an aside: I think video grain is a kind of "add cool" filter. There's something about the veiling effect of the machine that draws out the alleged humanity in video stills (and of course stopping what was intended to be a stream is an interesting idea on its own). I think the sense of irony, or even meaning, is heightened when the image chosen is not typically an art image. M.
- anonymous (guest) 6-05-2001 9:44 pm

Tom have you tried to photograph
feedback? I got obsessed with this
art made out of art made out of art
thing it seems ta fall apart at about
3 or maybe 4 layers in

- frank 6-12-2001 6:35 am

Hi, Frank, Yes, that's been a big interest of mine. I co-organized an exhibit a couple of years ago around the theme of images breaking down (and their correlary effects in music), and recently did a collaborative project involving TV static patterns. The "rave photos" are many steps removed from the source, but still fairly coherent.

- tom moody 6-12-2001 5:45 pm

Absolutely lovely. I believe what I meant when I rather carelessly wrote
"fall apart" is the quantum hyperscrutiny
your work captures. Those photos of
static, the dukes of hazard sublimated,
are as satisfying an image as I've seen
in a while. We don't watch TV around
my house at all but my kid turned it
on the other day to static & said "look
dad it's the bug show!"
- frank 6-26-2001 6:15 am

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