I saw Stefan's project in 2004 in Leipzig, where this cover photo was taken. I wish the show it was part of, Xtreme House, or the gallery that put on the show was mentioned in the Dwell article as it was a great show and I've seen other good shows there too. I got a special tour of the rucksack house by a gallery staff. The little cube hangs off a semi-abandoned building. You climb through a window to get in. The interior was fascinating and clever in its use of fold-out devices. However, according to the staff member, hanging the cube was quite an ordeal. While it appears lightweight, it isn't. The photos neglect to show the sizeable cable mechanism that goes over the roof and attaches to the far wall. The cube is also seriously bolted to the wall it perches from. So while the articulation of the mass is interesting and light, the apparatus to hang it isn't and that was unfortunate, but seemingly not insurmountable. So for anyone who's going to pack up and move on with one of these, order your crane and hammer drills to arrive well in advance. I hope Stefan keeps developing this project.
- sgp 9-12-2005 8:00 pm

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