Thanks for the report and your thoughts on the house. The "Xtreme Houses" show originated in Munich at the art space Lothringer Dreizehn, mentioned above. Courtenay Smith based the exhibit on the book Xtreme Houses, which she coauthored with Sean Topham. The show then travelled to Leipzig, which provided the space for the Rucksack Haus to be built. Probably both galleries should have been credited, but it's just a short back-of-the-magazine article even though the Haus is on the cover.

Cables looping over the building and a brace on the wall don't seem inappropriate--that's standard backpack construction. You would want it to be sturdily constructed. The question for me is--could I live in it? No matter how strong the cables, I think I'd have dreams of falling in elevators every night. Also you'd have to be careful not to come in drunk and put your foot through the the floor. People can adjust to anything, though.

- tom moody 9-12-2005 11:31 pm

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