I would fall into the 'default' side of that graph for sure. But I still think the graph is smart and instructional and I wouldn't spend lots of time mounting a denouncement of it. That said, I agree there's room in this big electronic world for grey areas. There is a fetishistic aspect to the "Hacker" (wince) mode that is simply not shared by everyone. Reminds me of folks who take bicycles apart and put them back together all day everyday and then look down their noses at folks who just ride their bikes all over town doing stuff. Also, I've always found the jodi stuff kind of tediously impenetrable and self-referential. Get yourself too engrossed in sets of rules and pure paradigms and you're making art for art's sake before you know it (yawn).
- sally mckay 1-15-2007 6:53 pm

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